Maltipoo F1 TeaCup Size Dogs


MaltiPoo F1 puppy's appeared in UAE and they are result of designer crossing of two beautiful dogs, the Mini Maltese dog and the TeaCup Teddy Bear dog.
They are very unique ,cute and affectionate companion and fits very well in almost every family.

The physical appearance of a TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 TeaCup Size Dogs:

The TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 has a beautiful body that strikes you instantly. The TeaCup MaltiPoo F1is a dog that weighs only 0.5-1.8 kg at maturity and they small body is covered with a wavy and curly fur. The best about this puppy is that are hypoallergenic, doesn't smell or shed, being perfect for people with allergies. Theirs beautiful coat can have different colors like: white, cream, gold and different combinations of these colors. Theirs beautiful physical traits are completed by them baby face large and black eyes, with them short pot and a little black nose.

The TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 Temperament:

A TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 puppy has a lot of nice qualities, inherited from them parents. They are intelligent and loving companion and the are great family dog. A MaltiPoo F1 are very smart and easy to train. A MaltiPoo puppy get very well with other pets and they loves children, to whom is very delicate. They are excellent therapy dog because they make people smile and have a positive attitude. MaltiPoo F1 breed puppies are intelligent, affectionate and friendly.

They can adapt to any home and quickly be friend with anyone. They are pretty spoiled and they feel the need for affection from their owners, so they love to cuddle in their arms.

The proper care of TeaCup Malti Poo Fi puppies:

A TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 is an indoor living puppy, active and energetic and they needs walks and exercise. If you provide them a space to run and to play a Malti Poo will be extremely happy. The MaltiPoo can suffer from separation anxiety when they left alone for long periods.

A TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 puppy needs daily brushing of the coat, to prevent tangles and to maintain it beautiful and healthy. A MaltiPoo's coat should be washed only when it is necessary. This puppy is predisposed to dental diseases and can suffer from the premature loss of teeth. To prevent this, it is necessary to feed them only with special food, of good quality, and to brush them teeth regularly. A proper nutrition will also maintain a shiny and beautiful coat. Being a hybrid puppy, a TeaCup MaltiPoo F1 is a healthy dog, without too many health problems. Choose only a trustable breeder which use only healthy specimens to do the mating.
Such a breeder is Luxury Pets in Dubai

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Very Important Don't Be MISLEAD:

  • Do not allow yourself to be misled, often meets and common among dishonest breeders, unprofessional or internet scammers .
  • In UAE only real TeaCup size Teddy Bear, TeaCap size Maltipoo F1 and Teacup Maltise puppies exclusively available only at “Luxury pets in Dubai”
  • TeaCup Teddy Bear and TeaCup Maltipoo F1 puppies are ultra-rarely pearls available and not to be confused with other size or breeds!
  • Don't confusing Tea Cup Teddy Bears puppies are not Toy poodles , Bichon Frise,Tea Cup or etc
  • Don't confusing TeaCup size Malti Poo F1 puppies are not cross-breeds of Maltise with puddle Dog or etc
  • Don't confusing Tea Cup or Mini Maltese are a puppy of two Mini Maltise who not exceeds the weight in adulthood more than 2.2 kg and adult high not more than 18 cm but not an undeveloped or handicapped puppy of two standard Maltise.