Teddy Bear TeaCup Size Dogs

Teddy Bear TeaCup size is one of the most popular dog DESIGNER BREED/CROSS-BREEDS

Teddy Bear TeaCup size are ultra-rarely pearls available, unique, and one-of-a-kind, like Picasso paintings.

The Teddy Bear puppy is obtained by the crosses of several purebreds, but the most common is the cross between breeds Shih Tzus , Bichon Frise ,Toy Puddles, Maltese, Yorkie etc. To obtain this rare breed , China took about 80 years, and so far from all kept a complete secret true blood of this breed and how it was obtained , the similar type of case with the panda bear. A Teddy Bear puppy has a unique set of characteristics regarding both physical appearance and personality.

First of all they are very humanized like no one else. These little dogs have great big brains.They just love learning tricks and playing with toys that they can figure out. You will be surprised by just how much they can learn.

This particular type of cross breeds designer dogs has delicate features like gentle and big eyes, short and very narrow muzzle ,fluffy tail, droopy or cropping ears and a soft and silky fur that can have different colors and combinations of these colors: white, beige, gold, red,brown, black. The Teddy Bear TeaCup size is a small dog size 10-18 cm that weighs about 0.5-1.8 kg at adulthood.

The Teddy Bears puppies most are hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for people with allergies. Their coat does not smell or shed.

Their appearance is complemented by their wonderful personality and behavior. If you decide to buy a Teddy Bear puppy you need to know that, they are an affectionate and loyal puppy who develop strong bounds with their family. A toy Teddy Bear puppy loves to spend time with his master, and to sit around him.

Teddy Bear pups love physical contact. Being sociable puppies, they usually get along very well with other pets and are gentle with small children.
Their sweet and affectionate temperament makes them the perfect companion for everyone. Tea Cup size puppies like Teddy Bears are clever and easily trainable. You can learn them various tricks and commands. They do not bark excessively, only when it is necessary, for example when strangers enter the house.

Tea Cup Teddy Bear puppies care, health problems and diet:
If you want to buy a Teddy Bear puppy, you need to know that they must be properly cared. Their coat must be regularly brushed to prevent tangles. The Teddy Bear puppies in general has health problems, especially if are well cared for. A Teddy Bear puppy needs to have a balanced diet. Properly feeding a Teddy Bear is one of the most important elements to keep them healthy.
Common health issues in so-called hypoglycemia, heart problems, seizures, respiratory problems etc.

A Teddy Bear is designed to live round cushions and daily travel with you in your trendy bags . They may be happy with short daily walks outside.

For more information about our Teddy Bear puppies for sale, Contact us for more information about our upcoming litters or the special order option.

We can locate worldwide your dream puppy

For more information about our Teddy Bear puppies for sale, Contact us for more information about our upcoming litters or the special order option.
We can locate worldwide your dream puppy.

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Very Important Don't Be MISLEAD:

  • Do not allow yourself to be misled, often meets and common among dishonest breeders, unprofessional or internet scammers .
  • In UAE only real TeaCup size Teddy Bear, TeaCap size Maltipoo F1 and Teacup Maltise puppies exclusively available only at “Luxury pets in Dubai”
  • TeaCup Teddy Bear and TeaCup Maltipoo F1 puppies are ultra-rarely pearls available and not to be confused with other size or breeds!
  • Don't confusing Tea Cup Teddy Bears puppies are not Toy poodles , Bichon Frise,Tea Cup or etc
  • Don't confusing TeaCup size Malti Poo F1 puppies are not cross-breeds of Maltise with puddle Dog or etc
  • Don't confusing Tea Cup or Mini Maltese are a puppy of two Mini Maltise who not exceeds the weight in adulthood more than 2.2 kg and adult high not more than 18 cm but not an undeveloped or handicapped puppy of two standard Maltise.